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Automatic tag Collections

Tag collections allow you to browse your tagged files. The majority of tags and these collections are automatically generated by EdgeRover™ when it privately analyzes images using Artificial Intelligence to find objects within them. However, any documents that you manually tag, will also cause a tag collection to be created.

To see these collections, click on Collections in the main menu. The collections are listed in the For You grouping.

A few things to note:

  • Automatically generated tags may be incorrect - you may see objects miscategorized. Artificial Intelligence is good, but it is not as capable as Human Intelligence yet!
  • At this time, you cannot override or remove automatically generated tags. You can however add manual tags to supplement the automatic ones.
  • Images often contain multiple tags so the same image will appear in multiple collections. For example, a photo of a car could appear in both the Car and Sky collections.
  • Automatically generated tags, and therefore collections, may be different between Microsoft Windows® and macOS versions of EdgeRover.

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