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Introduction to EdgeRover™

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The goal of the software
One view of your digital content
Turbo Mode
Powerful search
Automatic groupings
Supported products
Minimum system requirements

The goal of the software

The EdgeRover™ app is designed to help you access and manage your digital content. In addition, it provides tools to manage a range of supported Western Digital® and SanDisk® devices1.

Content management

As consumers, we are creating digital content with an increasing number of devices. For example, in addition to computers, we are using tablets, smartphones, dash cams, security cameras and drones.

At the same time, we are saving our content in many locations such as internal and external storage devices.

There is no single view of your content or one place to search and find it. As a result, it is very hard to stay organized and to find content when you need it.

Compounding the problem, it is easier to keep digital content than to organize it so we simply hoard it, resulting in digital chaos.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

My content is scattered across storage devices and laptops and...
…I don’t know where my content is
…I can’t manage my content
…I can’t find items that are on devices that are not connected
…I can’t enjoy my content

EdgeRover creates a searchable and browsable catalog of your content. It automatically groups cataloged items and provides you with tools to organize content the way you want to.

In summary, the EdgeRover app helps you find your content, manage it, access it and enjoy it.

Device management

The EdgeRover app can also be used to change certain settings on supported WD™ and SanDisk® devices, such as WD™ My Passport™, WD™ My Book™ Duo and SanDisk Extreme PRO® Portable SSD devices1. The features provided depend on the connected device and include, for example, password protecting it, erasing it, turning on/off the LED light, setting the sleep timer, and renaming the device.

  1. For compatibility information, see here

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