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In the File information panel, there is an area for you to view and add Tags.

Tags are typically one or two word labels that can be used to find files.

As explained below, they are tied to how Collections work and are very powerful. Unlike operating system folders as an organizing mechanism, a file can belong to multiple Collections by using tags, which provides great flexibility.

Let's say you collect recipes and you pick one up while visiting Italy. You can tag it as "Recipe" and "Italy 2019". Now you can find the recipe together with all you other recipes or when looking at all the memories from your great vacation in Italy.

Here are some examples of tags:

  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Gift
  • Uncle Joe
  • Personal
  • Work
  • Taxes 2020
  • House remodel
  • Client project

Automatic tags

When EdgeRover automatically creates Collections by analyzing images, it adds Tags to catalog items. You can see them here in the file information panel.

Once catalog items are tagged, a collection is created for you automatically and you can also search for the tag using the search box in the EdgeRover titlebar.

Automatically generated tags cannot be removed and are shown with white text on a black background.

Custom tags

You can add your own tags. These are displayed with black text on a white background. These tags can be removed by clicking on the X in the tag.

Just as with automatic tags, a Collection is created automatically for each tag you create and you can search for the tag using the search box in the EdgeRover titlebar.

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