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Introduction to Search

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One search box for your cataloged content
Starting a search
Acting on search results
Filtering search results
Search suggestions

One search box for your cataloged content

EdgeRover™ catalogs your files, letting you search your digital inventory, even when your drives aren’t connected.

Use the search function to find specific files by file name, type, description, location, tags, date, or source.

Note that the search function can also find content that has not been organized into categories (i.e. files that are cataloged but do not belong to any of the preset categories such as Photos and Documents). An example of such files is software installation files.

After starting a search you can act on search results1, filter search results and easily repeat a search using search suggestions.

  1. To access original files, the source of the files must be connected to your computer. External storage devices must be connected to your computer to access original files. 

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