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Recently Opened widget

Most people open the same files repeatedly over a number of days, be they presentations, spreadsheets, documents or even audio files that they like to listen to over and over again.

The Recently Opened widget makes it easy to find these files.

Click on the widget and you will see the files that have been opened recently, sorted by most recent to least recent. Note that only files that are in folders included in EdgeRover's catalog are displayed.

The following actions are available:

  • Click on a file in this widget to open the Single Item View.
  • Use the and buttons at the top of the content view to change the view from a grid to a list and back.
  • Click on to view or hide a thumbnail of the selected file.
  • Click on to select switch to selection mode.
  • With one file selected, you can open the file location using the folder icon, or add the file to a new or existing Collection.
  • With more than one file selected, you can add the selected files to a new or existing Collection.

Tip: If you work on different projects and want to make it easy to get to specific files for your projects, whether recent or not, create Collections for them.

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