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Duplicates widget

The Duplicates widget displays a list files (Office documents, photos, etc.) that have multiple copies across your cataloged sources.

Files are considered to be duplicates of each other if the contents of the files are identical. The name of the file can be different. Images whose resolution has been changed are not considered to be duplicates, even if they look the same.

The list of items is sorted to show the files with the most copies at the top of the list.

Clicking on any item in the list, shows a larger thumbnail in the details panel on the right. There you can see each file individually with its location.

Under the thumbnail there is a Manage button and a trashcan button. These buttons are disabled if the file is not currently available, as you cannot act on the file.

If the file is available you can use the Manage button to open the Microsoft Windows® File Explorer or macOS Finder with that file selected. You can then take action on the file, such as moving it or deleting it. The trashcan button allows you to delete the file directly from within EdgeRover.

This action deletes the source file, not only the entry in the catalog, so use it with caution!

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