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Introduction to Settings

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Settings overview
Managing the catalog size

Settings overview

Navigate to Settings from the main menu to configure settings and preferences related to your account, language, catalog and more.

In Settings you will find the following.

Account Settings

If you are not signed in, this is where you can create an account or sign in.

If you are signed in, you can change your account name, password, avatar, and sign out.

See Introduction to EdgeRover™ accounts for more details.


EdgeRover is available in 22 languages. You can override the default user interface language here.

App Settings

Application Settings allow you to view the current version of the application to ensure you are using the latest version available.

To check if you have the latest version:

  • In the main menu, click on Settings
  • Click on App Settings
  • Look to the right of the App Version information:
    • If it says "You have the latest version of EdgeRover!" you are up to date
    • Otherwise, you will see: "New version available. Update now"

To get the latest version, click on Update now and then follow the instructions in the software.

In App Settings you can also control whether or not the EdgeRover app starts automatically when you restart or log into your computer.

Turbo Mode

You can turn Turbo Mode on or off. Turbo Mode uses system resources to the fullest extent possible, to catalog up to four times faster than normal.

Manage Catalog

You can view information about EdgeRover's catalog's size and also allocate more space to it.

See Managing the catalog size for more details.


Go to Privacy to enable or disable the sharing of usage data that is used to improve Western Digital products, services and apps and to personalize your experience.

Help & support

Here you can start an interactive guide to help you add a source, open a list of keyboard shortcuts and get to the online help.

What's New

What's New displays notes on the latest update - new features and other information you should be aware of.

Easily get to the Terms of Service, Privacy Statement and more from here.


From time to time, EdgeRover will present a survey. We take your feedback very seriously and appreciate receiving survey responses so that we can make improvements to our products and services to better serve you.

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