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Device settings

EdgeRover can be used to change settings on some External Storage devices.

The settings that can be edited depend on the features supported by the device. For example, in most cases you can rename the device, but not all devices allow you to control the Sleep Timer.

To get to device settings: 1. In the main menu click on Sources. The content view will show your sources. 2. Locate the External Storage device whose settings you want to change. 3. Under the source click on . A menu will appear. 4. Click on Device Settings.

Rename device

It is highly recommended that you name devices so that they are easy to identify. You may also want to label the devices themselves. Then, when you search for a file and EdgeRover tells you which device it is on, it will be easy to find the device and the source file.

  1. Click on
  2. Enter the desired name
  3. Click on


For supported devices, you can toggle on and off the LED light.

Sleep Timer

If available, the drive sleep timer turns off power to a drive after a certain period of inactivity to conserve power and minimize long-term wear on the drive.

For supported devices, select the number of minutes after which the device should go to sleep.

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