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When we want to find something online, we typically don't go to different locations (websites) looking for the information we need. We are all now accustomed to using a "search engine" to find what we need.

Yet, when we are looking for our own digital content, that is what we do. We have to plug in each device to see what is on it.

EdgeRover™ provides a powerful search engine to help you find your cataloged content.

The search box is always available, wherever you are in the application. Use it to find specific content, regardless of source and availability.

Search for files by file name, type, description, location1, date, source or tags.

Note: Photos are automatically tagged by the objects in them, such as car and building. You can also add your own tags to any file, such as taxes. Searching by tags is very powerful!

Once you get some search results, you can narrow them down by restricting them to specific categories, file types, date range and more.

Let's say that you need to find an old tax document, and you know it was in a PDF. Start by entering taxes in the search box. Now narrow down the results to only show PDF files created between January 2015 and December 2015.

Or let's say you want to find the photo of a bridge in Venice. Search for Venice. Then narrow down by tags, selecting the tag bridge.

Once you find your file, you can enjoy the preview or perform various actions on it2.

Note that for your convenience the search engine remembers previous searches so you can easily repeat them.

  1. Searching by location requires that the cataloged file contains location information, which is generally the case when you take photos on a smartphone with locations services turned on. 

  2. To access original files, the source of the files must be connected to your computer. External storage devices must be connected to your computer to access original files. 

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