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Cataloging progress

Cataloging includes scanning the storage devices and generating thumbnails/previews, and automatically organizing the content. The cataloging status refers specifically to the progress during scanning and thumbnail/preview generation.

The cataloging status in the bottom left of the EdgeRover window provides an overview of the current status of the cataloging process.

The overall status includes states such as:

  • Nothing Cataloged Yet
  • Cataloging
  • Paused
  • Cataloging complete

The cataloging status of individual devices can be seen below each device.

Individual devices may show states like:

  • Preparing
  • Cataloging X %
  • Cataloged
  • Cataloged X Days Ago
  • Cataloging Paused

Cataloging may be paused due to several reasons and EdgeRover will indicate which applies. For example:

  • Cataloging Paused - This device is no longer connected. Connect your device to automatically resume cataloging.
  • Cataloging Paused - Cataloging paused to conserve battery. Connect your laptop to power to resume.
  • Cataloging Paused - You have reached 100% of the maximum catalog size, and we cannot add any new items to it.
  • Cataloging Paused - There isn't enough space to add new content to the catalog. You can delete unwanted files from your computer to free up space for the catalog.

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