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Formatting an external drive

CAUTION! Erasing your device permanently deletes all of the data that is on the drive. If you wish to keep any of the data that is on the drive, back it up to a different device prior to erasing it.

To erase the drive:

  1. In the main menu click on Sources. The content view will show your sources.
  2. Locate the External Storage device you want to erase.
  3. Under the source click on . A menu will appear.
  4. Click on Erase Device.
  5. Enter a name for the device.
  6. Select the desired format

    Microsoft Windows®
    - NTFS
    - exFAT

    - HFS+J
    - exFAT
    - APFS

  7. Confirm that you understand that all your files will be erased.

  8. Click on the Erase Device button.

Depending on the device and its capacity, it may take hours to erase it.

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