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Storage devices

The EdgeRover™ app is compatible with many standard USB and some Thunderbolt direct-attached storage devices accessible by your macOS 10.13+ or Windows® 10+ system. See below for a list of compatible devices.1

At this time, network shares and mounted NAS devices cannot be used with EdgeRover. Please check back for updates on support for these devices.

EdgeRover is compatible with these storage devices:

SanDisk® iXpand® Wireless Charger Sync
SanDisk® iXpand® Drives
SanDisk® iXpand® Sync
SanDisk® iXpand® Base
SanDisk Extreme Pro® Portable SSD
SanDisk Extreme Pro® SSD
SanDisk Extreme® SSD
SanDisk Ultra® Dual Port
SanDisk® Cruzer Blade™
SanDisk® Cruzer Fit™ USB 2.0
SanDisk® Dual Drive USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Micro-B
SanDisk Ultra Fit™ USB 3.0
SanDisk Ultra Flair™ USB 3.0
SanDisk Extreme Pro® USB 3.1
SanDisk Extreme® GO USB 3.1
SanDisk® Ultra Dual Drive USB 3.0
SanDisk Ultra® USB 3.0
SanDisk® Cruzer Glide™ USB 3.0
SanDisk® Cruzer Blade™ USB 2.0
SanDisk® Cruzer Glide™ USB 2.0
SanDisk Ultra® USB Type-C™
SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive USB Type-C™
SanDisk Extreme® USB 3.0
SanDisk Extreme Pro® USB 3.0
SanDisk® Clip Series MP3 Player
SanDisk Extreme Pro® SD Cards
SanDisk Ultra® Micro SD Card
SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C™ Flash Drive
SanDisk Ultra Fit™ USB 3.1 Flash Drive
WD™ My Passport™
WD™ My Passport Ultra™
WD™ My Passport™ Wireless
WD™ My Passport™ Wireless Pro
WD™ My Passport Ultra™ for Mac
WD™ My Passport™ Elements SE
WD™ EasyStore™ Portable
WD™ My Book™
WD™ My Book Duo™
WD™ My Passport™ SSD
WD™ My Passport™ Go SSD
WD™ My Passport™ SSD
G-Technology™ ArmorLock™ SSD
G-DRIVE™ ev RaW (macOS only)
G-RAID™ with Thunderbolt 2 (macOS only)
G-RAID™ with Thunderbolt 3
G-DRIVE™ with Thunderbolt 3 (macOS only)

  1. Compatibility may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country. 

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