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Managing the catalog size

EdgeRover's catalog is small compared to the size of the original content. However, if you have a significant amount of data, the catalog can become quite large. By default, EdgeRover will only use a maximum of 10% of the free space available at the time of installation, on the volume where the catalog is located.

When this maximum catalog size is reached, EdgeRover will let you know that the limit has been reached and will stop adding content to the catalog.

In order to allow cataloging to continue, if you have space available, you can increase the maximum size of the catalog by going to Settings and clicking on Manage Catalog.

The window displays the current size of the catalog and also a graphic showing how the volume with the catalog is being used:

  • Used Space - space used by all apps and operating system
  • Current Catalog - space currently used by the catalog
  • Maximum Catalog - the current maximum size of the catalog
  • Free Space - the total space available on the volume

Put the mouse over different parts of the graphic to have EdgeRover display numeric values of the above in GB.

Under the graphic there is a slider. To increase the maximum size of the catalog, click on the black rectangle and drag it to the right.

Other apps need some free space to operate normally so EdgeRover will not allow you to dedicate all of your free space to the catalog. Specifically, it will not allow you to use more than 95% of the space available.

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