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Starting a search

The search box in the EdgeRover Titlebar allows you to easily initiate your search regardless of where you are in the application.

Here are some search examples:

  • Search by file name, such as Resume.
  • Search by file type, such as PDF.
  • Search photos by object name, such as Car.
  • Search photos by location, such as San Francisco or California.
  • Select from a list of previous search queries.

If you type multiple words in the search box, EdgeRover will find all files that relate to any of the search terms. For example, if you type

Mountain View

the search results will include any files related to mountains or views.

To look for files that explicitly involve a mountain view, surround the words with double quotes:

"Mountain View"

Results are automatically organized into different categories, such as PDFs and Photos & Videos. Only 5 files in each category are displayed. Click on to see all the items.

Once you can see all the files, you can browse them and perform actions on them. See Acting on search results for details.

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