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Choosing a cover image for your Collection

As long as a collection is not empty, EdgeRover™ automatically selects a cover image for you using one of the files in the collection.

If you would like to select a different image:

  • Click on Collections in the main menu
  • Open the collection by clicking on it in My Collections
  • Click on the button on the cover image
  • Select the image you would like to use as the cover from the list or grid underneath the old cover image
  • Click on the button on the previous cover image

Alternatively, you can click on any item in the collection and from the menu select Set as Cover.

Tip: It is easier to select the best cover image when in grid view, as the thumbnails are larger. To switch to grid view, click on . To go back to list view, click on .

In list view, click on any row to reveal a and from there click on Set as Cover.

In grid view, place the mouse cursor over an image to reveal three vertical dots and from there click on Set as Cover.

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