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Introduction to Browse

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The goal of Browse
Getting the most out of Browse
File actions
Large Files widget
Duplicates widget
Recently Opened widget
Using other widgets
Browsing by category
Supported files
Browse by source

The goal of Browse

The goal of the Browse feature is to make it easy for you to peruse your content and sources, using views optimized for the task at hand.

If your objective is to find a specific file, and you know some of its attributes, such as it's name, you should use the Search feature.

If your objective is one of the following, you should use the Browse feature:

  • Browse all the cataloged files of a specific type, such as spreadsheets, documents and presentations
  • Browse and enjoy your photos
  • Browse for files to add to a collection
  • Browse the folders and files that you have on a storage device that is currently not plugged in
  • Browse files organized for you in groupings such as large files, recently opened files, et cetera.

See Getting the most out of Browse for more details.

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