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How long does cataloging take?

The time it takes to catalog your content depends on many factors - the number, size and types of files being cataloged as well as the speed of your computer and storage devices. It is not unusual for cataloging to take many hours or even days to complete if terabytes of data are being cataloged.

In addition, if a laptop is running on battery power and the battery level drops to less than 30%, EdgeRover™ will stop cataloging to preserve the battery.

EdgeRover™ has a Turbo Mode (only available on machines with 4 or more cores and more than 4GB of RAM) that uses system resources to the fullest extent possible, to catalog up to four times faster than normal.

Here are some examples of the time taken to catalog 100 files on an average specification computer with Turbo Mode turned off.

  • 100 binary files, such as software installers - 1.5 seconds
  • 100 JPG images - 35 to 220 seconds (larger files take longer)
  • 100 HEIC images - 125 seconds to 270 seconds
  • 100 MOV and MP4 movie files - 30 seconds
  • 100 PDF files - 15 to 40 seconds (larger files take longer)
  • 100 PPTX, XLSX and DOCX files - 40 seconds

These examples are intended to illustrate how the time taken to catalog depends on the types of file and sizes. The cataloging speed on your computer may be very different.

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